We believe in personalising healthcare and access for all

Visibility for safer healthcare

Encode health provides personalised solutions to address the requirement of connecting medical devices to clinical outcomes. We enable real time data on implant usage, adverse incident recording and live supply chain management tools.

We simplify this process and call it… “Encoding”

Devices with UDIs are Encoded

At moments of implant insertion, devices are scanned into the Healthcare Passport

Patients participate
in their care and control permission

Anonymised information
is available for delivery of care and post market research

“At least 4.8 billion people of the world's population do not have access to surgery...”

- The Lancet Global Health

Mobile healthcare data

We are Encoding for the future…

We provide a patient controlled Healthcare Passport for all categories of data. This is to support the increasing need to house the patient information associated with novel medical technologies.

Advances in specialties such as neurosurgery, orthopaedics, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery and radiology combined with the advent of 3D printing, robot-assistance, and smart implants is impacting the growing future of personalised healthcare.


“Staff, stuff, space, and systems of surgical care delivery are limited.”

- The Lancet Global Health

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