About Us

The Vision

We believe in personalised healthcare and access for all.

Comprehensive healthcare and wellbeing now requires the secure, controlled but readily enabled flow of information, no matter who you are or where you call home.

At the heart of everything we do is to keep you always at the center of your own care.


Our goal is bold... To build the most thorough and user-friendly intelligent Healthcare Passport of our time. Something that all members of all generations of our family can use.

Team Ethos

The Encode Health Team have been working to deliver clinical innovation online for many years. In the process they have met, networked with and worked alongside clinical and business entrepreneurs, many of whom have faced the same problems.

The Encode Health Team have built solutions in response to the multiple clinician, supply chain and regulatory problems that we now face. The clinical problems we focus on primarily are to improve safety and access for patients.

For clinicians in particular it can be incredibly trying to discover that their inventiveness and creativity can so quickly become mired in issues of authorization, compliance and recording. They also find it comforting to engage with clinicians from our team who know the medical landscape.

Nevertheless the sector is alive with great ideas and new initiatives keen to take advantage of emerging advances in both medical technology and information technology too and we aim to breath life into these solutions.

Our executive team brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience including clinical practice, business experience, knowledge of the medical devices market, software development expertise and in depth practical experience of building massively scalable applications and compliant databases using the latest technologies.

This experience is not only in the development of new medical technology, but importantly in dealing with regulatory bodies and achieving practical compliance with regulations.

Dr Cos Fantis

MChB BSc(Hons)

Mr Carlon Fitzpatrick (MD)

BSc MRCS(Eng) PG Cert(Clin Ed)

Mr Bob Sutton

INFOSEC expert and
EHR architect

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