What turns us on and how we competitively service you, when you need us most!

At Encode Health we believe in personalising healthcare and access for all. At the heart of everything we do, is keeping you, the patient, at the center of your own care…. This was the single most important aspect of why we turned on the switch at Encode Health. 

Since starting our efforts just before COVID-19 became an international inferno, and like a phoenix we have risen from the flames and won 3 times over in a number of competitions / grants due to our COVID-19 solution. With the Encode COVID-19 solution users can accurately capture patient information and COVID-19 test kit information in a single application to provide a GDPR compliant public health dashboard taking the onus away from clinicians, nursing staff, admin and lab technicians. 

To find out more about our COVID-19 solution: https://encodehealth.com/covid-19-solution/ 

During the Lock down The Encode Health team applied to the “Hack from Home Global Virtual Hackathon”, the anti-viral virtual hackathon. This was a collaboration of developers, designers, data scientists and making a difference against COVID-19. The international effort brought together 822 participants, from 62 countries who applied into the competition with their health technology applications. It was a positive, supportive, and impact-oriented community that even provided 147 mentors to help. The quality of the applicants was high, so the competition was elevated but also friendly and helpful towards one another. There was up to date information about the effects and pathophysiology of COVID-19 through webinars and a variety of expertly used communication tools. Here the Encode Health Solution was the first of 3 overall winners, that were assessed according to the following criteria: Problem, Capability, Viability, Presentation and Impact. 

When we applied to the OpenCovid19 competition the organising team were lovely and really wanted everyone’s solution to be impactful and help society. It really did feel like a testament to the human spirit as we all helped each other where we could. The JOGL program that helps to develop low-cost tools and methodologies that are safe and easy to use in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is global community of 4000+ volunteers and we were classified as experts who helped to create a solution to better prevent, detect, and treat COVID-19, as well as to help forecast the pandemic’s evolution. We won a peer reviewed section competition to help catalyze and resolve the global urgent challenge. Through a variety of efforts we had worked through in in the months between April and June, we were then able to secure a micro grant funding, from the European Research Fund. 

Throughout all of the above efforts we had the basic ideas that we wanted to provide at least 3 basic benefits to both the populous and the healthcare workers: 

  • 100% automated process of inserting patient information – reducing admin time and increasing accuracy 
  • Test results mapped to a single identity with real-time data for public health information on demographic and clinical impact 
  • Accurate forecasting dashboards implemented with Encode Healthcare passport to reduce unnecessary stock holdings and allow smart management of assets 

How we do this is a secret sauce, which has a blend of 4 patent pending IP components. We are continually looking to integrate with other hospitals and looking to the future to apply to the new XPRIZE competition to further help and partner with corporations, universities, NGOs and government – to solve this and future pandemics. 

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