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COVID-19 Solution

The Encode COVID-19 Solution

Accurately capturing patient information, COVID-19 test kit information and vaccination information in a single application to provide a GDPR compliant public health dashboard taking the onus away from clinicians, nursing staff, admin and lab technicians


The benefits

• 100% automated process of inserting patient information – reducing admin time and increasing accuracy

• Test results mapped to a single identity with real-time data for public health information on demographic and clinical impact

• Allows clear forecasting of opening up policies

• Accurate forecasting dashboards implemented with Encode Healthcare passport to reduce unnecessary stock holdings and allow smart management of assets

• Automating processes with easy compliance to national patient safety registries

• Allowing the development of new innovations to that can consume safe and secure Encode Healthcare Passport APIs


Applicable clients for COVID-19 solution

Healthcare institutions that offer COVID testing
This includes hospitals for staff as well as patients

To provide testings to their populous

Home COVID-19 Test kit providers
To provide ongoing support to users of the test kits and reduce either the labour costs associated with logistics of result provision


​Encode Health​ is on a mission to create the world’s most thorough and user-friendly ​Intelligent Healthcare Passport.

COVID solution - Data Privacy

Our strategy is to treat primary records as being under control of the data subject (patient) through the Healthcare Passport.

This provides the facility for the holder to control who can view their records and under what circumstances. Having collected a medical record Encode Health would not be able to delete it due to regulations but access to the record could be restricted by the data subject.

During original collection of data, the data subject would need to agree to providing analytical access to the results of any COVID-19 test to public health applications for a minimum period.

After this period, confirmation of any ongoing access would be required and could rescind access to analytical applications at any time. The Encode Health essential premise is that access to clinical records is under the control of the data subject and only under very limited circumstances can restrictions be overridden.

Based on the Limitations Act, clinicians and institutions must be granted continued access to records created under their auspices. Beyond such legal access however, everything is under the control of the HP holder.

At the end of the contract we expect to disengage any government connection to the primary data.

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